Saturday, May 30, 2009

Can't wait to get to ________ ........

Where is it for you? Where is the place (maybe there is more than one) you can't wait to get to so you can relax; be yourself; take a deep breath; be around people who understand you?
Though this is starting to sound like the intro song from Cheers, that's definitely not what I'm getting at. :)
After a recent conversation with some dear friends, I have been thinking about church in this way. Church is where believers come together to worship God and fellowship together. To be completely transparent with everyone, there are many times that I feel burden and anxiety when I think about the arrival of Sundays. It's a long day for most, and especially so when you have little kids in tow. What should be looked upon as golden opportunities for service often feel like drudgery. Why is this? The most basic answer...... sin. Selfishness; laziness.
But going back to the conversation I mentioned.......... Our discussion revived in me a desire for church to be "home". It should be where I feel safe, and comfortable. It should be where I can go, and feel shelter, peace, and reassurance that we are all on the same team; moving toward the same goals. I should feel excitement at the prospect of assembling with my brothers and sisters in Christ. I should feel anticipation for the time when we can join together to sing praises to God, glean from His Word, and serve Him by serving each other. Trouble with the kiddos? Don't stay home because of it -- go to church where your family can help ease the burden and give support. Feeling discouraged by work or relationships? Go to church and allow your family to edify you. Tired from a long day, or week, or year!? Don't stay home. Go to church and be revived by the promises in God's Word, and good fellowship. Burdened by hardship or loneliness? Allow your church family to surround you with their care and prayers. Allow them to carry some of your load for you. God will bless you for letting them, and them for their willingness.
My mindset is changing in this direction. Can't wait to get to......... church tomorrow. :)


  1. I really appreciate this post. I think it shows a lot of maturity and thoughtfulness.

    The question I pose here is what your church is doing to invite such a thing from people? Is your churches content, arrangement of space, and use of its personele (spiritual gifts) coordinated in a way that invites people to feel sheltered, safe, and at ease? If not, what practical steps might you all take to create such an environment? If so, then please share what you all do well so that your readers might learn and implement these same kinds of things.

    Again, great thoughts, friend.

  2. sorry, should be "personnel"...typo.

  3. Adam and I were just talking on Saturday about how much we missed church and were looking forward to being there on Sunday. I really enjoyed the 5th Sunday services. While it was a long day for some of the kiddos, I think they handled it really well. It's nice to mix it up a little bit and do something different. I thought about it later in the day, perhaps we could do something a little different with the kiddos during the 2nd service, perhaps show a video that teaches a biblical lesson, so that they can rest and still learn, rather than struggling to keep tired kids sitting still and paying attention.

    Also, Momma B mentioned the idea of us ladies heading out to eat once a month to try new things... I think that sounds wonderful!

  4. I love our Church and the people that attend. We all need to be in tune with God, after all He is why we are here and need to be there, in His house. I feel that we do a good job with the departments that our Church offers. I am looking forward to the new way of doing my Sunday School classes. I will have to adjust the way I teach, due to having a different age group of children now. We all need to be flexable and willing to jump in and help make learning interesting. I do miss the ladies Bible Study groups. Thinking it might be a good idea to get them going again. I think our enviroment is wonderful. I think God would be pleased because we follow his word, not ours or what other people think we should. We have two wonderful Pastors that preach the Bible, God's Word, not mans. I pray that if someone feels offended or needs help, that they will address our Pastors, not run to find anwsers from someone else who is not spirtual or has worldly views. We all can find excuses to avoid Church. BUT, God does not except excuses. He wants His children to obey and come to know His Son and the meaning of salvation and spend eternity with Him in Heaven. Love goes out to all!!!

  5. I hear what you are saying. We do strive to make everyone feel "at home". We cannot be responsible how the other person interprets our efforts. I agree they must speak up and discuss it with the pastor(s). Good idea Kelli.