Thursday, May 14, 2009

Not on the flowers!!!!!!

My oldest daughter is my "Peach". We nicknamed her this before she was even born. At some point early in that pregnancy, I read that my baby was the size of a peach, and the reference stuck.
Peach is a funny girl; a thinker; a textbook "first born". She also seems to be a cat poop magnet.
Our neighborhood is overrun with stray cats. No yard is safe from their lurking presence or their "presents". A couple of years ago, some girls from church stopped by to watch a parade with us. Peach had a ball showing them around the house and yard. As we left the fenced yard to go watch the parade, I realized Peach had cat poop on her shoe. Not wanting to embarrass her, I held her back, and quietly informed her of the problem. She proceeded to yell, "Hey guys! I stepped in cat poop!". So much for discretion :)
Fast forward to this evening. Boyd and I sat in the yard while our children rode bikes, played bubbles and sidewalk chalk, and frolicked around in the grass. A beautiful evening, in both weather and sentimentality.........Until Peach walks up and I get a whiff of her new Disney Princess flip-flops. This time I didn't worry about keeping it quiet. I just said "Girl, you need to check your shoes! I think you stepped in cat poop". She did, and she had. So, she ditched the shoes and avoided the suspect area of the yard.
I didn't know she had retrieved her flip-flops from next to me, until some time later when she said something about wiping her shoes on the flowers (a peony bush next to the house). I said "What do you mean you wiped your shoes on the flowers? Why would you do that? You mean you wiped the cat poop flip-flops on the flowers????????????????????" She simply explained that she was trying to make her shoes smell better.................. :) Kids are too much fun!


  1. That is too funny! I was trying to figure out why she would have done that...never would have thought to make her shoes smell better! Such a sweetie! Love you all! Can't wait to see you guys in October!!! YaY! I can't believe we will actually be in the states this fall...and be living there!!! woooohooooooo!

  2. That's our Peach. This is so cute. Peonies do smell wonderful, they are bound to rub off on something.
    Love, Mrs. Sandy
    1 Corinthians 10:13

  3. What can I say... she is so much her Mother re-made. You have to love them both...and I do