Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Speep......... I am Speep!

Alright, now re-read the title of this post with a low, commanding, "I dare you" sort of tone. That's better. I'm sure the first time through you were thinking pastel, marshmallow-y thoughts. But now you've got the hang of it.
My oldest boy coined this phrase last Christmas. One of his gifts was a Cars race track that quotes Lightning McQueen saying, "Speed........ I AM speed!" At not quite two years old, my boy could only get out "Speep....... I am Speep!" Being his family, we thought it was adorable, and now, anything to do with the movie Cars is referred to as "Speep".
I've been mentally shuffling through nicknames (we have alot of them around here), and I think Speep will be my oldest son's alias for this blog. He's a wild man. He's learned to gallop, and there's no stopping him now! As long as the gallop and the stairs don't meet each other, we'll be safe for another week or so......


  1. aw, thats cute! Well, give Speep a hug from me! We miss you all! Hey, we're moving to Georgia in the fall...not where we wanted but obviously God wanted us there! And its closer than Japan! :c)

  2. Mr. Speep is a special young man. He can gallop well, and so cute when he does it.

  3. I am Speep is one of my favorites... I have four of them.