Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Praise the Lord for lightbulbs!

This morning I stood in the doorway of my livingroom and looked out through the large windows. The bright sun highlighting our warm wood floors, and the jungley green grass outside. I felt energized and content; as if I had taken a huge breath to my lungs as well as my spirit. In this moment I pondered accomplishment.................
My second daughter is Apple. (Actually Apple Chubble, but we are trying to wean ourselves from the Chubble part, as I am sure there will be a day in her teenage years when she won't want to be known for the squishy, fluffy, lump of love that she was at birth). Apple and Speep are known for their finger sucking. They both suck the same fingers, but on opposite hands. Apparently my father-in-law sucked the same fingers also as a child. What a tradition! :) The children suck there fingers much of the time, especially when sleepy or upset.
Apple will be 4 next week, and I feel like the finger-sucking needs to end (at least during the daytime). Her current obsession is Strawberry Shortcake, so about six weeks ago I promised her a Strawberry Shortcake birthday party if she would stop sucking her fingers during the daytime. I thought it would be a challange, but she's done it! I feel as though a light bulb has turned on for her. The notions of being a big girl; being socially appropriate; taking care of her body.
In the past week we have begun Chore Packs ( . They are sets of cards with chores pictured on them. Each child has a small plastic pack with their own chore cards inside. Each morning the children do their chores after breakfast with the guidance of the Chore Pack. Amazingly, Peach has been the one having the most difficulty getting through her Chore Pack each day. She only has six chores, and two of them are Brush Hair and Brush Teeth, so I have been feeling a bit frustrated that she is the last one finished and still needs many reminders to stay on track, and to go back and re-do things that were done incompletely or half-heartedly. Today, however, a light bulb turned on in her. Both chores and school work were done in a focused and thorough manner, and with a very sweet attitude. Yay!
It seems even our dog has had a light bulb turn on in him. After three years, we are finally able to leave him out in the house when we leave. He has always been too rambunctious, destructive, and anxious for us to do this....... and what mom of four children ages 5 and under also needs an anxious horse-sized dog on the loose?? Not this one!! So, praise the Lord for our dog's light bulb or middle age or whatever has happened. :)

With all of these light bulbs, our week has been pretty bright.
So bright, I gotta wear shades!!!!!!!! Ha ha! I know I am totally going to regret posting that, but as a child of the 80's I felt obligated to say it. Now I'll sign out, before I regress any more.


  1. Don't you wish you knew what you had said or done to get that light bulb turned on? Great job Miamama!

  2. And what a apple she is. She is also a very bright light bulb. The comment to the shades is, your really old if they look like cat eyes, and have rhinestones on the tips of the point of them. Count your Blessings!!!!!

  3. I'm happy to hear your dog has calmed down! I know its hard having a rambunctious dog in the house. Thankfully Chloe has not been that way. She's a little to calm for Jeff though. But perfect for me...except when she runs away.

  4. does baby #4 have a nickname yet? :)
    this is my last comment!!!
    love you guys!

  5. You must figure out what turned on the lightbulb for Peach and share your secret. Miss Kins is nearly 4 years older and I still haven't found the switch for that bulb. Everyday, I have to repeat the same things, get dressed, comb your hair, put your shoes on... Quit lollygagging, stay focused. I just keep thinking and praying that if I keep the same routine and remain consistent that some day she'll get it.