Sunday, June 7, 2009

Spaghetti Berries

Ever heard of 'em? Maybe they are only found in my house. :)
One day last week, Apple suggested that we have leftover spaghetti for lunch. Since we happened to have had some in the fridge, it was a go. Otherwise we would have had to make some spaghetti, refrigerate it, and wait until the next day's lunch to have leftover spaghetti for lunch. Phew! glad we didn't have to do that. :)
Anyway, while the spaghetti was heating, I gave each child a bowl of blueberries. Speep and Apple gobbled their blueberries on the double, while Peach saved hers to eat along with the main course. When we all sat down to eat -- thanks were given, napkins were tucked into collars, noodles were cut into bite-sized bits........... and peach dumped her bowl of blueberries on top of her spaghetti. (insert the sound of loudly squealing car breaks) Yes, she did this intentionally. There was much forethought involved. I usually don't bat an eye at the foods my children mix together or sop up with ketchup or ranch dressing. I want them to appreciate food, and realize all of the wonderful textures, tastes, colors, and aromas. But, this got a long stare, and an audible "That's disgusting" from Mama. Two of the world's perfect foods, but together........ a tragedy.
At least that's my opinion. Peach, however, ate every bite on her plate with a smile of satisfaction.


  1. Ew! Well, hmmmm...interesting that she ate it! I can't imagine liking those 2 together! :c)

  2. Oh my! Greyson would have not in a million years done that. When I serve spaghetti he likes picking out all the spices in the sauce. I tell him to quit picking and eat it but he says, "I don't like all the little green things." Just mentioning that to show how different they are in that category. However, I wouldn't put it past Samuel to do that. He was dipping his tortilla chips in the dirt like it was salsa or something and EATING IT! He's my dipper, whether it be french fries dipped in his drink or cookies dipped in ketchup. Peach, she's so silly. So what's the nickname for the baby?

  3. By the way, you better add me to your blog list so I feel more important. :)

  4. what can I say...what a peach she is. I can't imagine that Apple didn't follow suit...but then again she could not wait to eat those wonderful blueberries. Ditto for Speep.

  5. She may just have invented a new dish. Did you take a bite?
    They say that fried fish and spaghetti go together. I am going to try this at the fish fry. Are you going to join me?