Monday, July 27, 2009

One of those moments

When Peach turned two, we bought her a bicycle. It was a tiny one, but a full-fledged bike non-the-less. Again, she was two......... her birthday is in the middle of winter........ but I knew that somehow she would learn to ride that bike, and would be a pro by summer. Now Peach is five and half. She never learned to ride that bike, and now she can't even fit onto it.
Last winter we received a heavy duty, John-Deer-ish tricycle with attached trailer. In the Spring, we accidentally ordered about 1/2 a truckload too much mulch for a landscaping project. (oops!) Knowing that we couldn't leave all that mulch in the middle of the city sidewalk, but not knowing what else to do with it, we decided to dump it inside of our fenced backyard. Moving that much mulch is ..............a tongue twister!................. but it's also a BIG job! So, we drafted the kiddos and set to work. While Boyd and I filled and hauled the wheel barrow, Speep and Apple helped fill the tricycle trailer, and Peach rode it around to the back ............ about 496 times! Knowing how to pedal, turn corners, and the like were not an issue after that day.
Fast forward to last Friday. We found a "Big" bike for a good price. Peach loved it, Daddy aired up the tires, and off she went. Seriously, she just went. I couldn't believe it. The new bike has training wheels and all, but I still thought it would take a few tries (or maybe days............ we ARE talking about mini-ME here) to adjust from the tricycle to this big bike. But, no. She just hopped on and rode away. I was so shocked and proud that I just stood on the sidewalk with a dumb grin on my face. It was all kind of movie-like, too ---- All the kids were playing, she was riding into the sunset....... As I watched her I kept thinking "Remember this. Remember this moment. Take it all in. This is one one of THOSE moments in life."

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  1. Oh thats awesome! Glad she is riding a big bike! I can't wait to see them all playing together!