Monday, March 29, 2010


I saw a young woman at the store tonight. I can barely call her an acquaintance, but we are always friendly when we see each other around town.... which is not infrequently. There is a pretty stiff language barrier between us, so I don't know much about her other than what I can observe.
Anyway, this woman had several young children with her (3 of her own), and she looked tired. Her husband is a busy local businessman. Amazingly, one of my first thoughts tonight was "Man, I hope her husband isn't running her ragged. She looks more weary each time I see her." (I know, totally presumptuous and judgemental)
Then I thought, probably 98% of the time, I have several young children with me (4 of my own), and I know I look tired. However, I would say that most tiredness in my life is my own doing. Staying up too late, not drinking enough water or eating enough FRESH food, harping at my children/giving them chances -- instead of nipping problems in the bud and saving everyone the heartache/earache, etc, etc.
My prayer is:
Lord, thank you for each day's grace. Thank you for the insight you give to me, when I seek you first in each moment. Father, please help me to create tranquility in my home by making good decisions. Please help me --through my appearance and attitude both in and out of our house to honor You and my husband and to be a testimony of the love and provision of you both, and of the honor that my husband also shows to me . Lord help me always to consider that there is more to other's lives than what I see, and to always be loving and assume the best of people until I know otherwise.


  1. I'm teary eyed! This is so true...thank you, what an encouragement. Amen, sister!!!

  2. This seems to just be something most of us do as Mommas... Kelli and I have had this talk several times and your prayer has become one that is common with mine!! Thank you for your words of wisdom and encouragement!